Industrial Controls & Automation

Industrial Controls and AutomationRobotic-Arm

JD Electric can help keep your production lines, machinery and automated systems running efficiently, no matter what industry you are in. If a problem arises, our troubleshooting skills can get you back up and running with minimal down time. Our exceptional knowledge of process controls and industrial machinery sets JD Electric Services ahead of the competition in servicing your equipment.


Experienced in the installation of both large and small scale conveyors from industry leading companies, JD Electric Services can help you move your production along.   Providing electrical controls from upgrades to new installations, JD Electric Services is the contractor of choice for your conveyor needs.

Moves & Integration

Moving, expanding or integrating a business can be stressful. Let JD Electric Services help make the transition of your machinery and equipment run smoothly.  From a detailed plan to a seamless execution, we will get you up and running.

Electrical Upgrades

Do you need more power? Let JD Electric Services connect you to the power you need through a service upgrade from 200 amps up to 4000 amps, we’ve got you covered.  JD Electric Services can analyze your immediate and future needs to determine the best solution.  Working with the local utilities to ensure a smooth transition, along with understanding all your power requirements, is what we do best. We can also help you with machinery modification to CSA approved status.

Arc Flash Analysis

Arc-Flash-Something as simple as switching on a tripped circuit breaker in your electrical panel could cause a preventable devastating injury, or worse. As much as inspecting your Fire Alarm system annually is important to the safety of your employees; having an arc flash analysis and proper labeling completed on your electrical panel is just as an important safety procedure. Improperly labeled panels without an arc flash hazard analysis completed are an accident waiting to happen. Loss of life, devastating injuries, fire, loss of production, criminal charges, fines and even jail time can all result from an arc flash incident. JD Electric Services can coordinate an Arc Flash Analysis on your electrical system, and provide any services to correct any potential weak points. Performing a formal Arc Flash Analysis, properly labeling equipment to inform service workers of the risks, along with the list of proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is the first line of defence in preventing an arc flash accident.

Motors and Associated Controllers

With ample experience in motor control specializing up to two hundred horsepower, JD Electric Services can get you back up and running.   From motor rewinding, full replacement to Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) and remote displays; JD Electric Services’s team is only a phone call away.