Home Electrical Inspections

Your home is likely the largest investment you will make in your lifetime. Starting out on the right foot with the proper inspections will help you make informed decisions in the purchase and/or renovation processes.

More and more insurance companies are insistent on having a certified electrical inspection done on both new and older homes.  Given the risks involved in a faulty electrical system, a simple inspection is a good investment to rule out or bring to light any deficiencies in need of repair. A post inspection report will provide you with valuable information on your electrical system. Should you encounter any deficiencies our talented team of licensed, union member electricians can correct any electrical issues found in your home at a competitive price. We guarantee our work and ensure our team will provide quality service to you, making your home’s electrical system safe for you and your family.

JD Electric Services offers home electrical inspections with a certification letter issued once all deficiencies are corrected. The inspection is inclusive of all accessible areas including outlets, switches, fixtures, and main panel board. Due to the nature of a home’s wiring system concealed behind the walls, we do not inspect wiring installations behind walls, in attics, crawl spaces or other inaccessible or obstructed areas.

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**Please Note** JDES electrical inspections do not eliminate the need to pull permits for new construction, renovations, pools, hot tubs and saunas as Electrical Safety Authority permits are required.