Fire Alarm Systems

Next to the safety of a building’s structure, Fire Alarm and Life Saving Systems is one of the most important and valuable systems you can invest in. Whether designing a customized system to suit your needs, inspecting, maintaining, replacing, or adding on to an existing system, JD Electric is the contractor of choice.


No one plans for a system failure, but when the unexpected happens, don’t be caught off guard.

JD Electric Services can assist you with full electrical maintenance of your fire pump, fire pump controllers, fire alarm panel(s) and life safety systems.   Fire alarm inspections and service on failed devices are where we excel.  Having relationships with all manufactures in the industry allows JD Electric Services to meet its clients’ goals.  Ground faults and open circuits are no problem with JD’s Certified Fire Alarm Electricians (CFAE). JD Electric Services can create a maintenance schedule for you to be sure your systems are ready when you need them most.


With over 30 years of experience and industry accreditation, JD Electric Services can access your Fire Alarm and Life Safety System needs, design a system customized for your facility, install and maintain that system for you. Whether working with an existing system or starting from scratch we can help you meet your needs.  JD Electric Services has worked with every major consulting firm and manufacturer to achieve and exceed the clients’ goals.

Emergency LightingFire-Alarm-Emergency-lighting

When the power goes out, don’t get caught in the dark! At a time when visual communication is imperative, emergency lighting could be your life line to safety. Strategic placement and good maintenance is essential in emergency lighting. JD Electric Services can access and create an emergency lighting plan, as well as provide a schedule for proper inspection and maintenance so that your system will be ready when you need it.


Control the damage, prevent loss. JD Electric Services excels at keeping your data rooms, file rooms and Industrial High Hazards (IHH) safe with industry leading suppression methods.  Working with leading manufacturers and fire alarm consultants for over 30 years, JD Electric Services is a specialist in this type of work.


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